Welcome to aknownspace. We are an open access, multilingual, interdisciplinary creative/social arts platform and community-curated online space, on issues & agenda our network together sets in focus. We hope to stage and share creative work of individuals or groups which fits our agenda. We wish to place at center stage, the voice of organized movements across the world. 

Submitted work is handled, edited and curated by an international community of individuals across cultural and professional domains.

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Theme: Feminism and gender in society

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something vulnerable

The theme for the very first issue in December 2020 was ‚Something real, something vulnerable, something that makes you feel something!‘ 

It is not easy to ask people to write about what makes them feel real and vulnerable. And for sure it is not easy to write about stuff like that. We never expected to get such a deep, diverse, and most complete first issue. But see for yourself.

ecological crisis and the social justice movement

‚The ecological crisis and the social justice movement‘ became the theme for the January 2021 issue.

While the theme focuses more on a specific subject, it is again open to personal interpretation.

chasing truths

After a more specific topic, we decided to go again for a more vague and unseizable theme, which was set to ‚Chasing truths‘ 

Since the number and diversity of contributors become larger and richer, we are excited to see, how the topic is interpreted by people with different social, cultural and scientific backgrounds.