Hello friends! My name is Lucas Kreuzer, and I am always curious about new things. No matter how small, large, near or far away they are. That’s probably the reason, why I am a scientist. You never know, what new thing is hiding just around the corner.

I am an experimental physicist with a chemical background, who investigates polymeric and metallic materials with neutron and x-ray scattering. Currently, I study the dynamics and structures of liquid metal alloys in micro-gravity environment, and how this can be used to develop specialized metal alloys for industry, aero- and space applications. 

I created this website to share my research and other science news with you. From time to time, I would also like to talk about my experience as a scientist and what advantages and disadvantages this brings along. Hopefully, this collection of new (and sometimes old) science and semi-randomly selected PhD and postdoc experiences help you, as much as they help me, to orientate in an always evolving and fascinating academic wonderland.